What to see in San Gimignano: Campatelli Tower-House

San Gimignano is an amazing place in many ways, mainly thanks to its unique architecture which makes it possible to imagine what a Tuscan town was like in the Middle Ages.

In 2005, Lydia Campatelli, the last owner of the property, donated the Campatelli Tower-House to FAI (Italian National Trust), it is one of the Tower-Houses which, with other towers in the square, makes Piazza della Cisterna of San Gimignano unique.

It is well worth visiting the Campatelli Tower-House, also for us local people, the San Gimignanese, as a better way of rediscovering and admiring our own town and its surrondings.

Tickets are available at Poggiacolle farmhouse.

What to expect from this visit

San Gimignano towers have always had a double social function: actual residences for the wealthiest families and a way of displaying their power.

The Campatelli Tower-House has been entirely restored in order to show the Sangimignanese and visitors the general lifestyle of a typical upper-middle-class Tuscan family of the time.

Today, the Campatelli Tower-House offers a rich multi-faceted visitor experience, featuring fascinating content and immersive screenings.

This allows visitors to get the most out of a trip to the town and learn about its history, art and landscape.

Moreover, visitors will come across a dazzling alabaster model of the town in the Attic spaces, which shows not only its aesthetic beauty but also an important relationship “a town is made of stones, of roads and routes “ as quotes Francesco Ceccarelli, FAI responsible for restoration.